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Red Ombre

My heart skips a beat at the first sight of a red ombre leaf. There's just something about the warm days, cool nights and bright colours that fills my soul. The rich glow from the bright orange sun ads a warm hue to my photos and I had to learn how to use it to my advantage this season.

A close friend of mine provided her husband's family farm as a location. It is the kind of home that story books are written about. It has a long driveway away from the busy-ness of the highway. As you approach the house, there is a large willow tree who's long branches dangle over the front yard. The front porch is always seasonally decorated in tasteful antiques and pops of colour. And I've yet to visit without being offered fresh baking while sharing a few laughs.

It's this feeling of coming home, that I feel comes across in all of my photos from here this fall.

When I asked this family to switch up locations [because I was at the sweetest family market that would be perfect for photos!] they didn't hesitate to trust my instinct. What better way to sell their seasonal goodies than setting up photo-ready stations and a walking path to showcase how to style your home. It was a one-stop for pumpkins, apples, corn stalks, sunflowers, and cider.

Sometimes we like to go for afternoon drives. It guarantees our girls will nap at the same time and we can dream and speak aloud our future goals. On one such trip we stumbled across this picturesque landscape. I immediately told my husband that fall photos were needed here and I had the perfect family in mind. The location did not disappoint.

Special thanks to all of my fall families. I loved capturing your families within these beautiful places.

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