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Friends In The Park

I spoke my dream outloud. I want to take pictures, and get paid to do it. I was nervous to share this secret with my friends. They (of course) came out in full force to surround me with love an encouragement. Why did I put this off for so long -when it makes me so happy?

Our girls are not quite two months apart. They are both independent, smart, stubborn, rough, girly-girls - just like their Moms. We walked the trails, and in-between reminding them to make safe decisions, we caught up on the big stuff and made some loose plans for the future. I snapped a few photos. This is my dream, and she's there to help make it a reality with me. This is adult friendship -in-between everyone else's schedules, we find time for each other. It's brief and conversations get cut short; but my cup is refilled.

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